Add address autocomplete & validation to the address fields in your Magento checkout

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Add AddressFinder to your Magento store to:

Collect Valid addresses

Reduce misdeliveries from bad addresses. Collect verified, accurate billing and shipping addresses (and postcodes). Tell the courier exactly where to deliver you parcels.

Almost 5% of all orders are undeliverable due to shipping address errors*

Speed up your checkout

This extension is added the billing and/or shipping address fields in your checkout. Your customers get address suggestions as they type and can select the correct address in one click.

Roughly 1 in 4 people abandon their cart because the checkout process takes too long*

Be mobile friendly

Optimise your checkout for mobile. Reduce typing and typos and cart abandonment. Customers can enter their address and postcode details with just a few taps.

People browse on their mobiles 60% of the time, but only 15% of ecommerce revenue is from mobile users*

*Sourced from the Business Insider, Baymard and EasyPost

Getting started is easy

AddressFinder is free and easy to integrate with your Magento store

Get a free AddressFinder Licence Key

If you already have a Licence Key, follow our guide to add AddressFinder to your Magento store

Try AddressFinder in our sample checkout:

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