AddressFinder adds a predictive autocomplete to the address fields in your Spiffy Stores checkout

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Add AddressFinder to your Spiffy Store to:

Collect valid addresses

Collect verified shipping addresses and postcodes. Help customers enter the correct address with autocomplete.

Almost 5% of all orders are undeliverable due to shipping address errors*

Reduce checkout friction

Make it simple for customers to complete a purchase. Suggest addresses as soon as they start typing.

Roughly 1 in 4 people abandon their cart because the checkout process takes too long*

Optimise for mobile

Reduce the amount of typing (and typos) on mobile browsers. Make checkout faster and easier for people on small screens.

People browse on their mobiles 60% of the time, but only 15% of ecommerce revenue is from mobile users*

*Sourced from the Business Insider, Baymard and EasyPost

Getting started is easy

AddressFinder is free and easy to integrate with your Spiffy Store

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