AddressFinder adds a predictive autocomplete to the shipping address fields in your Shopify Plus checkout

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Stop throwing money away on undeliverable parcels

Small typos may be easy to make but bad addresses cost big money. When a parcel is returned after being sent to an invalid address, you are responsible for the re-shipping costs. At about $5 per parcel, costs add up quickly. The damage to your brand from undelivered parcels costs even more. AddressFinder automatically completes the shipping address and postcode fields with real, verified address details. This ensures the courier knows exactly where to go the first time.

Almost 5% of all orders are undeliverable due to shipping address errors*

Save your customers typing time during checkout

25% of people abandon their cart during checkout because it's taking too long. They are ready and willing to buy when you lose them. AddressFinder speeds up the checkout process because address details aren't entered manually. Customers start typing in their address, then choose it from a filtered list. The rest of the shipping address fields are automatically completed for them. The time saved results in happier customers and more sales.

Roughly 1 in 4 people abandon their cart because the checkout process takes too long*

Save mobile customers from a miserable experience

The pain experienced during desktop checkout is worse on mobiles. Small screens and tiny keyboards make it difficult to enter text and fix typos during checkout. Trying to find a postcode on mobile devices makes the process even trickier. As a result you collect bad addresses and lose customers from cart abandonment. AddressFinder makes checkout easier for your mobile customers by reducing the typing required. Typos and guessed postcodes will be a thing of the past, and the courier will be able to deliver parcels to every verified address.

People browse on their mobiles 60% of the time, but only 15% of ecommerce revenue is from mobile users*

*Sourced from the Business Insider, Baymard and EasyPost

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